Looking North Matapouri

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One summer New Year my boyfriend (now husband) joined friends up north to see in the new year. We stayed with a very close old friend and were invited to watch the clock tick over at one of her fathers mates homes. It had a spectacular view and looked down into a rugged coast with deep green blue water. We watched the fishing boats motor home from our perch on the hill and sailing boats find their berth for the night. We arrived to discover the main refreshment was the obligatory bubbly, which is fine if you are chatting and admiring the view. My boyfriend however took on the mantle of children’s entertainer and played cricket game after cricket game with the kids. Early into the evening he realised he hadn’t managed his fluid intake as he should have and was a little ‘under the weather’. That night he said he loved me and wanted to marry me and then fell face forward into a bush. I remember it fondly because of the sincerity he said it with and always felt he was showing his true colours with no inhibition. The following morning we were all celebrating the 1st day of January with foggy heads, but on the way back to Auckland we stopped at one of the Northland beaches for a swim… something in the water that day revived us all. The headaches were gone, we felt awake, alive and ready to take on the world. And whether he remembered it or not, someone had said he loved me.