I will only produce prints such as these with a limited edition which mean there will be a limited number of these images produced.

Screen Prints

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Giclee Prints

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Printing process

Thrilled to have have gone down the printing route. Having now worked with the team on this process I now understand that this is a real art in itself. I have much more of an appreciation of the craft and how difficult yet satisfying the process is in producing a true fine art print.

My prints have been done using two different techniques – each of the processes has their benefits to the final product.

Screen Print

The screen print is a process whereby plates are printed from a high resolution photograph of the original painting. Four pieces of film are made representing the four colours which will work together to make a complete image. The colours are pure… black, magenta (whic is a hot pink), cyan (a bright blue) and yellow. The colours can be manipulated throughout the printing process to produce quite different images, so the artist needs to be present to check the colours best match the original or the look they are after. Each piece of film is used to screen the image through a silk screen seperately. The film dictates where the screen is allowing it to “paint” the paper. The look is quite different from giclee for the type of image I am producing. Each piece can be considered very individual as each is done seperately. It’s visually different in my pieces as you can see the dots used to make up the screened image.

Giclee Print

The process for a giclee print is every bit as technical. It produces an image which is very close to the original and very sharp and pure. But via a different process. The printers are very high tech and use specialist inks or dyes to ensure its longevity. The paper or substrate used to actually print the final piece must be of archival quality. Typically it will say it is acid free and consists of a 100 per cent cotton or rag base.